The Bombers Program


We expect everyone in the Bombers organization to buy into our culture. This culture is built around respect, professionalism and success that will guide our staff, volunteers, and players to long-term individual and team success. We will ensure we have the right players on our team both on and off the ice. The Bombers culture and the standards to which we hold our staff, volunteers and players will serve to not only bring our organization together, but make our people better in all that they do both on and off the ice.

We want to put in place a front office and coaching staff that will have every opportunity to succeed from day 1. With the staff, we can build a team that can compete to win every night and compete for the Bill Salonen Cup. The Bombers have a fantastic core of advisors to our Board, and are already building a robust network of contacts and scouts across Canada and the United States.

Our organization strives to continually ensure that #BombersNation is engrained in the fabric of our community. We want to engage our citizens to become volunteers, partners in business, billet families and, just as importantly, fans in the stands at every Bombers home game! The return to the community is our own involvement – through volunteering, social endeavours, contribution to the local economy, building connections with minor and high school hockey both in Sioux Lookout and the region, and, of course, providing our community with the absolute best on-ice product we can. Our Town. Our Team.